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    Chapar Rasaneh is one of the most successful Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Iran. Our philosophy is to provide and constantly seek to improve our range of excellent, value for money products and services, backed up by first class, friendly customer services and support.

    The fact that the majority of our customers come from personal recommendation and word of mouth, is testimony to these core beliefs. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we are an independent company (we don’t have to answer to some archaic parent company!), we are able to offer flexible pricing packages, react quickly to take advantage of the very latest technological developments and constantly search to make even the smallest improvements to what we do - ultimately benefiting our customers.

    As a young and dynamic Iranian company, we are pioneering a new wave of ISPs, providing reliable and effective Internet connections and solutions to both home and business users throughout the Iran. Whatever your Internet needs are - from perhaps a simple e-mail facility at home for easy, instant communications to corporate domains, leased lines and network connections, will have the ideal products and services to meet your needs perfectly and with the minimum of fuss.

    Since we began in 1998 we’ve worked hard to develop an award-winning service on top of a state-of-the-art technical foundation - our network links directly to the United States and providing instantaneous global connections.


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